International Movers

Questions for International Movers Are you certified by FIDI/FAIM? The answer should be, “yes.” A rock-solid overseas mover will be certified by FIDI/FAIM, the gold standard when it comes to international moving. The accreditation ensures that crews and staff are trained to know how to properly load, pack, and move

Business Moving

Corporate Business Movers

Questions for Corporate Business Movers Do you just specialize in office moves, or do you move other types of companies as well? The answer should be, “yes.” A professional movers will have experience moving all different types of businesses including offices, laboratories and hospitals, hotels, restaurants and bars, to libraries,

Residential Moving

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Do you provide in-home estimates?Yes. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to see your space and your belongings. For example, Funxion takes into account the fact that you live in an all-glass mansion with eight bedrooms, narrow hallways and stairways, and a narrow street.

Residential Moving

What Not To Pack

What Not To Pack To pack or not to pack? An easy reference guide to keep your belongings safe. It’s common sense, right? You know you can’t pack everything. But here you are, rushing to get everything done before your move date—and sometimes it’s easy to forget. So tape this

Residential Moving

Tips For A Smooth Move

Tips For A Smooth Move Before You Move. Check to determine whether the interstate mover is an AMSA ProMover, is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and has a USDOT number. Tour the facilities of your potential mover. The uniforms, facility, vehicles, and their people will tell you a

Residential Moving

Tips For A Scam Free Move

Tips For A Scam Free Move Funxion Services hates to see anyone get scammed. It could be a terrible situation for you—one that costs you unnecessary time, stress, and money. But it also reflects poorly on the rest of the moving industry. Even if you end up choosing another moving

Residential Moving

Residential Movers

Questions for Residential Movers With all the residential movers out there, how do you sort the good ones from the duds? Simply ask your mover the questions below. Do you provide a single point of contact? The answer should be, “yes.” Your moving company should provide you with a single