Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide in-home estimates?Yes. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to see your space and your belongings. For example, Funxion takes into account the fact that you live in an all-glass mansion with eight bedrooms, narrow hallways and stairways, and a narrow street. If a mover tries to give you an estimate over the phone, move away, fast! Also, beware of the flat-rate estimate. It’s loaded with all sorts of hidden costs and charges that will run up your invoice. Find out how Funxion estimates its moves for residential, commercial, international, government, and move management moves.

Do you provide an itemized list of every item and a condition report before you load your truck?

Yes. If you’re making a long-distance move or moving into storage, the only way to properly track all of your items is to have an itemized list. The itemized list is also the only way to ensure a quick claims process should any damage occur. Find out more about Funxion’s itemized lists.

Are your movers full-time employees?

Yes. Funxion only uses full-time, fully trained crews that have been trained at our very own facilities. No one learns on the job: everyone is trained to know how to move furnishings, electronics, dish and glassware, and more in the tightest of spaces. Find out more about Funxion’s professional moving crews and staff.

Will the same crew handle my job from start to finish?

It depends. If you’re making a local move, you should expect to have the same crew from start to finish. If you’re making a move across several states, across the country, or overseas, a crew from our proven network of suppliers will be finishing your job. For long distance moves within the U.S., we only use companies certified by AMSA. For overseas moves, we rely on FIDI/FAIM certified moving companies. That way you’re guaranteed great service from start to finish.

Find out who the people are on your move team.

Is my furniture going to be protected during the move or while in storage?

Yes. Your furniture will be pad wrapped in a durable stretch wrap that protects the upholstery and lets it breathe at the same time. Check out how Funxion wraps furniture.

Will my old house and my new house be protected from the wear and tear of moving?

Yes. Critical areas, including carpets, floors, doors, woodwork, doorjambs, and banisters will be protected. See how Funxion’s trained crews prep your home for your move.

Will I be able to track my shipment?

Yes. All of our trucks come with state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices, so that you can find out where your belongings are, wherever they are. Find out more about Funxion’s tracking systems.

What happens to my move if a truck breaks down or a driver does not turn up?

We’ll go to plan B. Funxion always has a back-up plan if things happen that are out of our control. It’s why our deliveries are on time 99% of the time. See how Funxion guarantees pack, load, move, and delivery dates.

What happens if I have to delay something on my end or if the closing does not happen?

We’ll go to plan B. Again, our plan B assures that you’ll have a trained truck and crew, when and where you need us. Funxion guarantees pack, load, move, and delivery dates.Find out more.

Where will you be storing my possessions?

If you’re storing here in the states, Funxion will store your belongings at our well-maintained facilities here in Maryland or Virginia. If you’re storing in another state or overseas, one of our suppliers will be storing your belongings. Funxion maintains 400,000+ square feet of storage space. Find out more.

Are all of the moving trucks owned by the company?

Yes. We own and maintain our trucks in-house to ensure maximum performance and reduce the likelihood of breakdown or failure. Find out more about Funxion’s state-of-the-art fleet.

Are your moving practices sustainable?

Yes. We go out of our way to make your move easy on the planet. Funxion is committed to making sustainable moving practices throughout our company. Find out how Funxion is making green moves all over the place.

How we can help you?



How we can help you?