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No one likes change—especially kids. You know how stressed you are about your upcoming move. Imagine how your child may feel about your family’s change of address. To them, the move will most certainly mean a new bedroom and new surroundings; but it might also mean a new school, a new teacher, new friends, and new activities.

At Funxion Services, we have moved families of all sizes with children of all ages. So we have compiled some helpful tips to make sure your transition to your new home is a smooth one, especially on the wee ones.

  1. Have a family meeting. Order some pizza or some Chinese food, and let your kids know about the move. Let them know everything—including why you may be moving, where you’ll be moving, and how you’ll be moving. Let everyone ask questions. And let your kids know that this is going to be a happy move for everyone.
  2. Share pictures. From children all the way to tweens and teens, kids are visual. So bring whatever pictures you can, including maps and photos of your new destination. A quick Internet search will give you everything you need.
  3. Involve your kids. If possible, bring your children to look at new potential homes. You have your ultimate wish list for what you want in kitchens and baths, so find out what your kids want in bedrooms and backyards. If you cannot bring your children with you to see potential homes, show them virtual tours online. The goal here is to get each child excited about the upcoming move. Once you have chosen a house, and it’s yours, celebrate with your family.
  4. Purge before packing. This is a great time for the entire family to clean out the clutter. Have kids go through their old clothing and toys, and help decide what to give away to charity, what to sell, and what to keep. Let your kids know that it’s ok to keep things of sentimental value. Once you have determined what to sell, set up a little yard sale. If your children are old enough, let them be in charge of proceeds. Perhaps they can use their yard sale money to buy something for the new space.
  5. Let them help pack. Have a pack party with your family. If your children are old enough, let them pack their unbreakables, such as clothing or books. If Funxion is doing the packing, let your kids meet the crew. Tell your children that Funxion crews are expertly trained, and that they will handle their belongings with the utmost care.
  6. Tell them how it works. It’s hard on children to see all their worldly possessions drive away in a truck—especially if they’re young. So let your youngsters know that they will see their belongings again at their new place.
  7. Organize a “See You Soon” party. Your children will need to say goodbye to their friends. If your children are old enough, give them an address book, where they can keep track of their friends’ email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. If you’re not moving too far away, plan to have some of your children’s friends over for an afternoon or a weekend shortly after you move.
  8. Visit the new school. It will probably take some time for your child to settle into his or her new surroundings. But if you can take your kids on a couple of visits to their new schools, it might make those first few days a little easier. See if children can meet with the principal and their new teachers.
  9. Enjoy the exploration. Once you have moved, don’t go crazy trying to get everything unpacked at once. This is a marathon; not a sprint. Spend time with your family checking out your new digs. Take a picnic to a park; go for a boat ride; or just enjoy evening strolls around your new neighborhood. You’re the tour guide here: show your children everything that they might begin to love about their new home. As children make new friends, invite the friends to come along on your adventures.
  10. Remember everyone adjusts at his or her own rate. Every kid is different. Some kids may adjust sooner than others. Just be patient, and remember that no one adjusts to change overnight—especially children.