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What to pack.

  • Pack the contents of your desk, credenza, bookcase, storage cabinets, map/blueprint files, and wooden lateral file cabinets.
  • Carry with you all precious, personal and valuable items, small plants, pictures, diplomas, hand-held calculators, artwork, fragile bric-a-brac, CDs and removable disk drives.
  • Pack loose, small miscellaneous items, like, pens and clips into zip-top bags. With space gobblers, you will not have to take these items out of your desk drawer.
  • Do not pack crushable items such as computers, typewriters, calculators, desk organizers, bric-a-brac, diplomas, pictures, etc. Before packing crates, place the 1st crate on top of a dolly, then pack, add another crate, etc. If you have oversized items you can leave the top crate open and the movers will place the item inside for transport. PLEASE NOTE: there are only 4 crates per 1 dolly.

Labeling. Your Office Move Coordinator will assign you a room number and color for your new office. It is crucial to mark the labels with a ballpoint pen – not a felt tip, and to write the proper room number on the label.

Place labels on the top or front of the furniture and where they can be easily seen.Label everything that is to be moved, including chairs, mats, desk pads, removable shelves, desks with returns, glass top of desk, monitors, keyboards, lamps, etc.

When labeling lamps, pinch one label around the cord and pinch another label around one of the metal spokes of the shade.Key points. Do not lock your furniture. If you have a push-lock but no key, wrap tape around the push-lock to prevent it from locking. Except for the push-locks, do not place tape on any other part of your furniture.

Remove all pegs that secure adjustable shelves. Seal the pegs in an envelope and pack them in a box. Label each shelf and place them on the floor. Computers. Disconnect all computers and cables, and lock-down the disk drives (if applicable). Place your keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and cables in the Funxion Peripheral Pouch. The bag is large enough to include speakers, a docking station, etc. Fold and peel the tape, then place your label on the outside of the sealed pouch. Place one label on monitors, printers, CPUs, fax machines, copiers, and postage machines.

Before the movers arrive. Please empty all wastebaskets. Do not place anything inside emptied wastebaskets.Room diagram for your new office. Your Office Move Coordinator will supply you with a room diagram. You will need to note what Room Number you are moving to, and draw a picture of how you would like your new office to be set up.

Office machines. All office machines or equipment should be serviced by a professional and they should be notified of your upcoming relocation goals. Most companies have service or leasing agreements that make this necessary to insure compliance.All peripherals should be detached, rolled up, and placed into a plastic bag. Each bag should be labeled with the location’s move number. Remove the toner from the laser printers, fax machines and copiers. Have the sorter(s) detached.

Standard filing cabinets. Standard vertical files can typically remain full or loaded for your move. Funxion Services recommends doing this assuming the contents of the cabinets have the same destination point as the furniture. If keys have been lost or locks are inoperable, sufficient tape should be wrapped around the locking button to prevent the button from accidentally being pushed in during the move.

Lateral filing cabinets. Lateral file cabinets generally are moved with contents intact. However, if the cabinets are made of wood or are made by a limited number of manufacturers who do not qualify for Funxion Spider Crane, it will be necessary to pack the drawers. These files should be discussed specifically your the Funxion move coordinator.

Storage cabinets. Contents of all storage cabinets must be removed and packed into packing containers prior to actual moving. If drawers of filing cabinets are at present used for supply storage, such supplies should also be removed and packed into containers.

Bookcases. Contents of all bookcases must be removed and packed into packing containers prior to actual moving. Bookcases with adjustable shelves require the pegs be sealed in a bag or envelope and pack them in a box. Label each shelf and place them on the floor

Pictures and maps. Large pictures and maps should be labeled and left hanging on walls. These will be packed and transported by Funxion Services personnel either in padded bins or on specially designed “A” frames. Small pictures or flat glass items should be packed, on end, in packing containers with the carton labeled “Fragile.”

Shelving. All contents of steel shelving must be packed in containers. If, because of size or construction, the shelving must be disassembled, the mover will perform this work as well as reassembly, unless prior arrangements have been made. The clips must be sealed in a bag or envelope and packed. Each shelf should be labeled and placed on the floor.

Coding and labeling information.

  • Floor
  • Room
  • Piece

Coding and labeling. The Funxion Services every item moved quickly and placed in the proper position in the new location.

The labels are color coded for individual floors or areas and coordinated with the furnishings floor plan for the new location. Each label will designate the exact floor area, zone, and position of each article to which it is placed. A piece number is assigned for the specific item supported by the design in each area.

All furniture, equipment, and packing cartons associated with the principal piece can be immediately placed according to the master plan of the new location.