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Funxion aims to minimize stress for you and your colleagues before, during, and after the move. And the only way we can do that is with careful planning. Follow our countdown tips, and you’ll ensure a smoother transition.

Six months to go:

  • Select a point person who will coordinate with your moving company.
  • Assess any modifications or renovations that need to be made in the new space, and start selecting various
  • vendors who can help you make those changes.
  • Identify which items will be sold or discarded.
  • Identify files you don’t need on-site. Funxion Records can help.
  • Identify any new items to be purchased.

Four months to go:

  • Confirm the number of employees that will be moving, and create an office plan for your new location.
  • Move unused files and records over to Funxion Records.
  • Place orders for new purchases. If you need someone to accept delivery and store your new purchases, consider
  • Funxion Service’s storage facilities.

Two months to go:

  • Decide whether or not you want to have employees pack their work areas, or if you want Funxion to do it.
  • Go over any moving rules or regulations required by both your old and new building management.
  • Request estimates from at least three moving companies and select a mover.

Three weeks to go:

  • Meet with all employees to review the move and go over responsibilities and procedures. If you have selected Funxion, we will do a pre-move training with your office.
  • Distribute labels, cartons, and packing materials supplied by the moving company and begin packing non-essential items.
  • Review the schedule and new office layout with the moving company.

One week to go:

  • Label all furniture and items to be moved.
  • Continue employee packing of work areas.

Day of move:

  • Walk through both the old location and the new one with moving personnel to make sure all items have been moved and there is no damage.

Day after the move:

  • Meet with moving personnel to make adjustments to furniture and wall hangings.
  • As employees unpack their work areas, place empty containers in a central location for removal.