Movers unloading a moving van
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The problem is that some movers transport computers the same way they move everything else—by wrapping them in blankets. That’s a problem because moving blankets are often dirty or filled with lint, and they don’t protect against static electricity. So before you select a mover, be sure they have the expertise and tools to do the job right.

4_6_5_inset(1)At Funxion, we wrap your computers in two-ply bubble wrap (not cheaper one-ply). In addition to being clean and static-free, two-ply wrap provides a thicker cushion of air to protect your equipment against impacts. After wrapping your computers in bubble wrap, we load them directly onto one of our custom, rolling computer carts, and we don’t handle them again until we take them off the cart at your new location. By minimizing handling, we also reduce the risk that your equipment will be damaged or dropped. Once the computer cart is fully loaded, we wrap it with black tinted stretch wrap. This keeps your computers secure and protected from the elements during transport. And because the wrap is tinted black, it also hides your computers from prying eyes.

  • Reduced Handling. Less handling reduces the risk of damage.
  • Better Protection. Two-ply bubble wrap provides more cushion against impact.
  • Reducing Theft Risks. Black tinted wrap hides your equipment from prying eyes.
  • Reduced Downtime. With custom carts and better handling techniques, your move is completed more quickly and your staff is back to work sooner.
  • At Funxion, we understand that moving can be a challenge. Our advanced computer handling techniques are just one way that we’re working to provide you with the best possible moving experience.