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Funxion eats, sleeps, and drinks moving wine collections. All crews are trained at our very own facilities, where they learn the ins and outs of packing, loading, and moving collections of all sizes. But before we toast to the safe arrival of your collection, there are certain precautions you will need to take to ensure your collection arrives at your new destination intact, and to protect yourself in the unlikely event of loss or damage.

  • Get an appraisal. Ask your local wine merchant to recommend a qualified wine appraiser who can give you an accurate picture of how much your wine collection is worth.
  • Photograph your collection and create a list.This will help you document its contents. You can also create an inventoried list of your wines.
  • Talk to your move consultant. When a Funxion representative comes to your home to take a look at your things, and estimate the cost of your move, show him or her your wine collection. He or she will account for your collection in your estimate, as well as make special arrangements to ensure your collection is safely moved.
  • Insurance/Valuation. Complete the moving company’s High-Value Inventory Form to assure that your collection is not subject to minimal liability coverage. Your move consultant should be able to provide that to you, as well as explain your insurance options for moving. Know that you should probably choose Full Value protection, which affords you the best possible coverage against loss or damage in transit. Make sure to give copies of your appraisal to Funxion.
  • Legal considerations. Check with the alcohol beverage control authorities in your destination state before you move. Some states have restrictions governing the amount of alcohol that can be brought in for personal consumption. Also, if you’re making an overseas move, ask your personal move consultant about the various customs guidelines in your new country.
  • What’s the temperature? Temperature changes can negatively affect the taste and appearance of your wine. The finer the wine, or the older the wine, the more susceptible it is to temperature change. Funxion Services recommends 55 degrees to be the best temperature for storing and transporting wine.
    Think about the season. The best time to move your wine collection is early spring or late fall—to limit exposure to extremely hot or cold temperatures in summer and winter

Tips for packing your own wine.

The best way to ensure the safety of your wine during a move is to hire a professional. Funxion Crews are trained at our very own facilities, and have move collections large and small. But if you do plan to move your own wine, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Pack your wine using boxes specifically designed to keep your wine safe—stop by our headquarters to purchase as many as you need.
  • Corked wines should be placed on their sides or upside down to keep the corks wet.
  • Do not pack open bottles. Doing so may damage your collection, your other belongings, and void any insurance protection.
  • Label the box: FRAGILE. THIS SIDE UP.
  • Once you have moved, unpack your bottles and let them rest for at least seven days before you open. Wine bottles can shake when they move—and opening them before they have been given time to settle will result in a loss of flavor, or a phenomenon known as bottle shock.

Check everything against your inventoried list.

Once you reach your destination, carefully check your household goods and your wine collection against your inventory list. If any damage has occurred, or anything is lost in the move, make sure to note it on the inventory. Your move coordinator will help you file a claim, so that you can recoup your costs.