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How do you minimize downtime?

Funxion reduces employee downtime by 23% utilizing the most efficient methods possible. Our powerful spider cranes can move entire filing cabinets without emptying them. On average, Funxion’s spider crane saves roughly 3 wasted hours spent emptying, and then refiling. Plus, there’s no opportunity for a file to get lost or misplaced. Funxion’s space gobblers inflate inside desk drawers to keep contents from shifting. Again, no emptying, no re-filing, and no reorganizing necessary. Finally, our Boxless Move moves more items per crate, enabling us to move you quicker. Read more about our time-saving moving methods.

How do estimates work?

One of our move consultants will come to your office, take a look at your space and your furniture, your computers, and your IT systems, find out what extra services you’ll need such as packing and unpacking, and give you an accurate estimate and pricing at no cost to you. Your Funxion representative will break everything down on the estimate. That way if the scope of your move changes, you can budget and plan accordingly. Find out more on Funxion’s accurate estimates and pricing.

Are your crews trained?

Yes. All of our crews are IOMI certified, which means they have gone through the organization’s rigorous training where they learned how to properly pack, load, and move everything from desks, filing cabinets and other office furniture, to server rooms, IT equipment and more. Additionally, all crew members are full-time and undergo background checks and drug testing.

Do you own your own trucks?

Yes. Funxion owns and maintains its state-of-the-art fleet of trucks in-house to ensure maximum performance. Each truck comes with a GPS tracking system for easy tracking, as well as an air-ride suspension system to provide maximum cushioning for your belongings. Find out more about our fleet of trucks.

What if a truck breaks down or our move date changes?

At Funxion Services, we’re used to change. That’s why we have a reserve of extra trucks and drivers for every move we make. Just in case the inevitable happens, you and your employees won’t be stuck waiting on a curb.

Do you move computers?

Yes. Funxion crew members are certified by IOMI, the world’s only university for office moving to move computers, servers, and more. They use the proper wrapping protection , where the computer is placed on the cart and then rolled directly onto the truck to reduce handling.

Do you move data centers and server rooms?

Yes. Funxion’s trained teams will disconnect and reconnect your data centers and server rooms so that your IT personnel can focused on helping your employees get their personal computers up and running. Read more about Funxion’s capabilities for moving data centers and server rooms.

Can you help us dispose of our old furniture and electronics?

Yes. Funxion has a long list of charitable organizations with whom we work who can put your unwanted, yet still usable, office furniture and electronics to good use. Electronic parts that cannot be recycled will be properly disposed of—rest assured nothing will end up sitting in a landfill. Find out more about our recycling and eCycle programs.

Can you move our library?

Yes. Funxion specializes in library moves and is able to move even the largest of collections safely and efficiently. Find out what other types of moves we make.

Can you move modular furniture?

Yes. We can disassemble, move and reassemble all modular furniture, making it easy for your employees to get back to their desks. Read more about how we move modular furniture.